Surkhet Brickyard "How I photograph"

For those of you that saw my last entry on the Brick Yards of Surkhet, I have now have a video to show how you how I photograph and move around my subjects at my eye level using a helmet cam. I edited the video for time purposes due to the fact that I was there for 2.5 hours. If you have not seen the Brick Yards of Surkhet BLOG entry, just click on the archive heading at the top of the page and go to APRIL. The last entry in April….  you can’t miss it. I apologize for the poor quality video as I am unable to upload a full resolution video because power here in Nepal only stays on for a couple hours at a time without knowing when it will return and to add insult to injury internet is REALLY slow….HAHAHA-> Gotta love traveling.

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