Stranger Series: Shawn & Billy

Today as I was getting into my truck after getting some printing done, I noticed two gentleman in my rear view mirror. I assumed they were construction workers just from their heavy duty foot wear and their somewhat worn t-shits. Watching the two smoke a cigarette for about 3 minutes, I stepped out of my vehicle making my way towards the two men. Deciding and committing to approach a stranger is always a bit intense. From the initial decision all the way up until a direct introduction, because you can never really predict how they are going to react to what you have to say along with having their photo taken from a complete stranger. Fortunately after a brief introduction explaining who I was, what I was doing, and why I  wanted to take their photograph, Billy and Shawn were more than happy to have their portrait Taken.

Shawn is 33 years old and installs hardwood flooring. He was born and raised in Calgary and soon plans to head to BC soon to pursue Eco-tourism along with bush aviation.

Billy is from Zimbabwe, lived in London for 5 years, and then moved to Calgary in 1994. He installs hard wood flooring along side Shawn.

Photographing the two of them was very different. Shawn was very straight faced yet very approachable, calm, and very easy to talk to. Billy was all smiles and laughed quite often.