Sidd Keim: Stranger Series

The portrait below is of a gentleman by the name of Sidd Keim. I found Sidd at a Humpty's Restaurant on the outside of Calgary as I was beginning a long drive to Fort Saint John to pick up a truck I had just purchased. When I approached Sidd, he was casually smoking a cigarette with two other men just outside the establishment. Right away I could tell by Sidd's body language he was reluctant of my presence as I approached the three of them with my camera in full view. Immediately introducing myself, explaining what my intentions and the project I was doing, Sidd hesitantly yet with a good attitude agreed to have his photo taken only if it took less than 3 minutes as I had promised prior to taking his photograph.

The moment I started photographing Sidd by the front door of road side diner, his family in true form came out of the restaurant all at once (whom I was not aware he was with) started hooting and hollering, egging him on as if he was type of celebrity. Sidd was a great sport about the whole experience and even shocked me with his one eyed stare.

Sidd is a truck driver delivering food products throughout the province where he has been living in Carstairs, Alberta for the past 51 years.