On route to Nepal

HELLO EVERYONE, I have made it safely into Nepal and there is only one thing I can say… “It’s fricken HOT, and I never knew how much I missed Asia until I arrived”. My flight here was a very long 30 hours of travel which included flights and lay over times but I arrived safe and sound and didn’t get assaulted my first hour into my trip like I did in Vietnam back in 2008.  After arriving in Kathmandu on April 21st I spent the day figuring out my bearings, going for a walk and booking a flight to a place called Surkhet which is in the far west part of Nepal. I came here today (April 22nd) to volunteer for the next 2 weeks at Kopila Valley Childrens Home and School (www.blinknow.org) teaching English (YAH that should be interesting…HAHAHA) and also teaching some dance classes, mostly hip-hop and break dancing and then possibly put on a production with the other volunteers…. cause they have a stage at their school…I know EEEEEPIC!! When I arrived here at the Kopila I was met by Libby Doyne and given the whole tour of both the school and home, an amazing cause created by her sister Maggie Doyne. After the tour, myself and another volunteer by the name of Jake decided it was time to play soccer and that ended with a 1 hour game of school yard ball with 20 kids and literally got my A$$ handed to me by a bunch of kids… seriously I can’t run for an hour straight in 35 degree heat, I was done after 30 minutes.


Anyways I will leave you with that for now, but do watch and try to enjoy the video I made last night as I was playing with my “i-movie” software.


Cheers everyone!!