Megan Lawson

I approached Megan when she was visiting Calgary over the holiday 2012/2013 season because I had an idea in my head for a photograph and for some reason I could only picture Megan pulling it off. Probably because she is one of the most stylized and fluid dancers I know.

Megan is a born and raised Calgarian currently dancing professionally in Los Angeles, California. When you speak to any dancer in Calgary and ask them when they started dancing, nine times out of ten the response is between the ages of three or four years old, and usually starting with a ballet and/or a jazz class. Megan however did not step into the dance world until the age of ten. The pinnacle moment that sealed Megan's sight's on dancing happened while attending a Young Canadian show watching her cousin perform. As soon as the show kicked off, Megan was sold on the dance idea and dance is what she wanted to do.

After years of extensive training due to a late start, Megan started her professional dance career at 17 working for Princess Cruise Lines and then working for Triple Threat Dance Convention ( where she was exposed to working teachers and choreographers from Los Angeles, New York, and around the world.

Megan's next step was moving to L.A. to start gaining some exposure, train, and booking dance work. In the first six months Megan met some incredible people and auditioned for a reality show called "America's Best Dance Crew" where she became a member of Matt Cady's crew "Fanny Pak" ( As soon as she was being noticed from her appearances on the show, Megan started getting calls asking her to teach and choreograph locally, nationally, and over sea's where she recently choreographed a couple of numbers for Madonna's 2012/2013 world tour.

Just before Christmas Megan got phone call while she was in New York. It turns out Megan's mom Susan had been admitted into the hospital because they discovered a virus that was attacking her liver quite aggressively. Megan immediately flew home to Calgary and spent Christmas with her family while doctors were trying to figure out exactly what was wrong. Susan's condition did not improve and the only available option was a liver transplant where Megan would have to donate a large part of her liver (67%). Megan without any hesitation gave the thumbs up and doctors immediately went into action transporting Megan and her mom to Edmonton where they started the necessary procedures prior to surgery performing multiple tests, CT scans, blood work, and MRI's.  Once the doctors were satisfied with the results and giving the green light, the two went into surgery in the middle of January 2013.

The night before the operation, Megan knew there was a small chance that something could happen during the procedure. The doctors told Megan she had a 1/200 chance of not surviving while her mom had a 1/12 chance. When Megan told me this I asked her how did that make you feel. She responded and said "I would be OK if I did not survive the surgery, I feel I have lived ten people's lives in my 27 years, just such a full life, not just dance but my family, my career, some major love in all the areas and I feel I have enjoyed life the most. When I woke up, and they said the surgery was a perfect success, I was excited that I get to see my mom, to  keep doing this, and get another crack at it, not that I am running around trying to save the world or anything, it gives you perspective on what's important, family, friends, health, their health, and just being happy."