Mandy Stobo: Calgary Artist

I have known Mandy for about five years when we both very briefly attended Alberta College of Art And Design together in 2007. Mandy Stobo is Calgary based artist who has created and pursued projects that can make any artist envious. In my opinion she has taken the stereo typical “starving artist” cliche and proven that any artist does not need to be starving, earning her successes based on a simple business approach, an idea, honest hard work, and passion.  Being a full time single mom, full time artist for 10 years, and only twenty-nine years old, Mandy has the ability to see the world differently with her work utilizing minimal resources to create a world for herself and others that is just plain rad. In may 2011 Mandy decided to create a community using art and social media but needed it to be portable as she was commuting two hours a day between Calgary and Canmore daily. Mandy thought there has to be a better way of utilizing her time, and that is how “Bad Portraits” came about using social media’s profile pictures. Mandy started to paint technically bad portraits of people using watercolor in sizes that were generally twelve inches by eighteen inches and from there the response has been amazing, painting over 4200 portraits, and selling 20% of them. Her work has grown exponentially throughout her career and exhibiting all over Canada and being featured as far as Berlin, Germany.

“I like to paint how I understand the world and then I look at it a little bit better, I do not understand things with words I understand them with images, so then I need to process everything I learn through words and then through it on a canvas in all kinds of ways and see how I think and feel after that has happened”- Mandy.

To see more of Mandy's work and to follow her amazing bad portrait project and to get one of your own, go to the following links.


Bad Portraits: