Kathmandu Part 1

Hello everybody, I have arrived in Kathmandu over a week ago and during that time I have met some amazing people and finally starting to find a groove with my photography. This would not have happened if a friend of mine Robert J. Scott (www.asecondaryhighway.com) had not sent me the link of a BRILLIANT photographer from Singapore by the name of Edwin Koo (www.edwinkoo.com). When I contacted Edwin to see if he knew anyone in Kathmandu who might be able to help me out with getting access to slums, hospitals, industrial areas, etc. he was so willing to help another photographer and gave me the names of several people. NayanTara was one of those contacts and was the First who stepped up. I had the pleasure to meet with NyanTara who started up a photography organization to help bring exposure to Nepali Photographers (www.photocircle.com.np). When we met for a cup of stellar java,  NayanTara was EXTREMELY helpful in SOOOOooo many ways. First she gave me the names and locations to ALL the areas I was interested in photographing. From there she even contacted a young fellow Nepali student by the name of Prashant, whom I met briefly and is now my full time guide, transportation, and translator for Kathmandu and surrounding area. And to top it off she told me about a local salsa dance studio (www.salsanepal.com) owned and operated by a Nepali man named Binayek Das Shrestha and a French Canadian woman named Katia Verreault. NyanTara suggested I give them a call and see if they need a Hip-Hop instructor. It so happens the Katia was very interested in having a teacher from abroad come and instruct a couple classes and asked if I could teach one class to see how I would manage. After the trial class, Katia gave me a one month program teaching 2-3 times a week and offered me a FREE place to stay for the next month. All I can say is THANK-YOU to everyone I mentioned above for just be so awesome and for being so warm and welcome with open arms. Also again for everyone that reads this blog… THANK-YOU ALL FOR THE KIND WORDS AND SUPPORT!!

Over the next month I will be doing a several part series on Kathmandu. I hope you enjoy the photographs, stories, and slide show. Thank-you again for reading my blog.

Have an awesome day!!