Jim Prentice | Candidate for Alberta's PC Party

I received a call last week to photograph Calgary politician Jim Prentice. The job was to create a series of website based photographs for Jim's candidacy as leader for the Alberta Progressive Conservative Party. I was thrilled and excited because the last politician I photographed was Calgary's Mayor Naheed Nenshi and this time I would have an entire day to shoot Jim Prentice rather than the 10 minutes I had with Calgary's Mayor. The very next day we started production. Now this was my very first campaign shoot and it was exciting to work with Jim Prentice's team and Calgary based video production crew Urban Revolver. The day consisted of me photographing behind the scene shots of Urban Revolver doing the video portion of Jim Prentice at his home, working in his office, reading the paper with his wife Karen, and engaging with the general public in various Calgary communities including the Crossroads Market. We had a strict schedule taking us to five different locations across the entire city of Calgary. And after many quick wardrobe changes, several corporate portraits, the day was a complete success and we got the shots we needed thanks to a wonderful group of people and of course we had great weather which always lightens everyone's mood. I hope you enjoy the photographs and do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions regarding the work or just want to say "Hi".

Cheers, Jer

Jim Prentice posing for his corporate portrait by Calgary Photographer Jeremy Fokkens
A more editorial style portrait of Jim Prentice by Calgary photographer Jeremy Fokkens
A more natural portrait of Jim Prentice by Calgary photographer Jeremy Fokkens
Jim Prentice posing for an environmental portrait by Calgary Photographer Jeremy Fokkens.
Jim Prentice posing for a more natural look outside by Calgary photographer Jeremy Fokkens.