Childs Play In Dhaka

Posted: 08 Oct 2011 04:03 AM PDT With VERY FEW affordable hotel and hostel options available in Dhaka I have currently been residing in an apartment the entire time in Bangladesh. Using Dhaka as my main hub, this allows me to travel throughout the country taking ONLY what I need for either day trips or to add a little more to the pack when I venture out to the remote rural areas for weeks on end. Just outside where I live now,  lies one of the major road systems in Dhaka (Airport Road) which gives me a huge advantage to access any area of the city by local bus or CNG (Google it).

Across Airport Road lies one of the rail lines that runs through Dhaka where one of my previous excursions brought me to the roof of a Bangladeshi train and from that quick tour through Dhaka, I saw some very intriguing and interesting areas. From that little stunt I decided it would be a good idea to walk that same rail line at a walking pace to see what types of images I could capture.

This particular day turned out to be an interesting one where sub-consciously I was photographing children the entire day. Occasionally I would photograph an adult but for every adult I photographed I had 40 children captured. It was a very playful day filled with laughs, children climbing all over me, instructing the proper techniques of giving high fives (VERY IMPORTANT), and many screams of excitement when a child can see his or her photographs on a little black box. These are the days that I love what I do and just life in general. When you yourself become a kid you get grounded, you realize not to take yourself and everything else so stupidly seriously. Open your eyes, slow down, smile, have some fun, and go for walk. It’s amazing what can find when you just walk.