Adult Halloween-ing

Every year, I like to photograph something for the Halloween holiday. I know it’s not an actual holiday but you and I both know it should be. Like many, the one experience most people remember from their childhood is Trick or Treating. I was born in the early 80’s and for me, Halloween could never come soon enough year after year, and I know I’m not the only one whose parents would raise hell if you started to go door-to-door at 3:57pm. Your pillowcase had to be double stitched just in case and once out the door, even those -25 degree nights were no deterrent, even if you were Spiderman dressed to work in the Arctic. You made mental notes for next year when homes gave out the full-size chocolate bars because they were more precious than gold, and the later you stayed out the odds for a potential bowl dump was in your favour; coming home after 9:30pm was borderline early.



Now I know times have changed and I say this because we had only two kids come to our door last year. I don’t get it, what is better than getting dressed up, hanging out with friends, and having strangers give you free candy? Even at the age of 12, I guarded my candy with severe anxiety because I grew up in a house where this was the only time of year I got chocolate. I used to convince myself Baker's unsweetened chocolate was comparable to an Oh Henry bar, that’s how bad the situation was. So what do you do after you’ve done the Halloween pub crawls, house parties, more house parties, and the corporate office dress-up? Now that I’m an adult and my adult friends have children, they like to brag about raiding their kids' candy and I like the idea of doing that once I have one of my own, and this got me thinking.

So with that, I give you my version of Adult Halloween-ing and what would happen if they actually caught you.

Could not have done this without some pretty awesome people. Everyone gave so much and I’m grateful for their enthusiasm and helping make this come together.

Talent: The Leung family

Location: The Kenny family home

Concept/Art Direction: Mark Rowe & myself

Photographers assistant: Jesse Tamayo

Retouching: Kathleen Loski